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Member rights
Member rights
Dear user! Thank you for becoming our member, our future development cannot do without your support, we want to tell you about our future development plans and the rights and interests you may get in the future.

Evolutionary operation
In the process of enterprise development, we know that we cannot do without the support of users, so the company has made the following plan.

1. Set up a consumer dream assistance venture fund

Fund establishment: We put 5% of our annual profits into the fund pool to invest in projects created by consumers.
Discussion: Consumer help dream venture fund, refers to the special use of consumer creation project investment funds, generally for angel investment.
Q:Why to set up "consumer help dream enterprise fund"?
A: There is an old Chinese saying: from the people, for the people.(取之于民,用之于民) Our strength comes from the support of many consumers and users, and we also know the difficulty of starting a business, so we use this way to give back to the consumption.
Q:How do we deliver a business plan to you?
A: When your membership level reaches a certain level, the system will light up the email address, and you can send the business plan to the email address.
2. Consumer rights and interests
 Your consumption amount will be the only basis for us to evaluate your membership level.
b. You will enjoy the preferential volume issued from time to time.
c. In the future, we will be listed in Hong Kong, and you have the opportunity to get free equity (priority draw).
d. If you are an entrepreneur, you can deliver your BP to us, and you will have the priority to obtain "investment opportunities"
e. Priority to agency (if you think our products are good and want to sell our products, contact us E-mail:[email protected])