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Brief introduction of Boory Group
Boory Group has three manufacturing companies, namely "Fujian Quanzhou Boory Packaging Products Co., Ltd.", which are mainly responsible for the production and manufacture of high-end tea metal packaging, metal food packaging, and aluminum coffee machine. We have served many of China's leading tea brands, food companies, and cafe brands and won favorable comments from the industry.
CHINA BOORY FRESH TEA CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise (with a tea garden of 667 hectares) integrating tea planting, production and sales, and tea preservation technology research. We have successfully kept tea fresh at room temperature. If you buy our tea products, you will be able to drink the same fresh and good tea as in China, which is not available to other friends. "Freshness" is the soul of China tea. If "tea" loses its freshness, then the tea you drink can't be called tea, only leaves.
Quanzhou Grassroots Trading Co., Ltd.
"Quanzhou Grassroots Trading Co., Ltd." is a manufacturer and seller of coffee utensils and tea sets. There are glass coffee cups, hand-made coffee machines, automatic three-headed coffee machines, automatic quantitative bean grinders, ice makers, can sealing machines, customized coffee tables and tables, etc. In short, if you need to open a new coffee shop, you only need to provide us with the drawings of the site and leave the rest to us.
"Fresh Tea" And Production capacity
Boory Fresh Tea is the first enterprise in the industry that dares to take "freshness" as the quality standard. Boory brand "Tieguan Yin" and "Golden Oolong" products adapt to long-term storage at normal temperatures, and in case the longer the time needed to keep, the better the taste of the tea fragrance. It is the first collectible "clear flavor Tieguan Yin" brand product, which means that we have the technical core of different dimensions so that our customers can enjoy high-quality fresh tea in any corner of the world.
At present, we are the only manufacturer of packaging and tea raw materials. We can pick 25,000 kilograms of fresh tea leaves, which can be produced into about 5,000 kilograms of dried tea and can fill about 100,000 cans per day.
How can we produce so much tea?
We are a village cooperative, we have more than 5,000 members, each member has his tea garden areas and shares. Every month, we will invite professional tea-making masters to provide our members with tea-making technology training. Our tea is hand-wrapped and processed, maintaining the original soul and taste of tea. However, in the process of filling the tank, we use mechanical automatic packaging, with no personnel contact in the whole process, to ensure the hygiene and production efficiency of products. We can produce 100,000 cans a day.
"Boory Fresh Tea" is positioned as a brand supplier of high-quality fresh tea
Al Ries, the pioneer of positioning, once said, my family loves Chinese tea very much, so I think China can create globally famous tea drinks like Coca-Cola and Red Bull. We believe Al Ries is right. According to our years of market research, most of our coffee drinkers say they wish they could drink good tea (really good tea) from China in cafes or at work because they know tea can prevent obesity and refresh, and they say they like the taste of "Boory Fresh tea". Therefore, according to the habits of Western friends who like to drink coffee, we designed the TeaCo machine, which can be brewed in the way of brewing coffee to make "Boory fresh tea". It is a good connection to join Chinese tea and our Western friends together.
Coffee Shop
Broaden the user base, tea, coffee you have
Milk Tea Shop
Do raw material quality endorsement, make your products more standard, brand more credit value
Wake up sleeping resources, enhance service quality, give customers a reason to choose
Taste Chinese tea, Catch Chinese wisdom